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Help & Contact

Please contact raskulous [at] with any feature requests, bug reports, cheater reports, and anything else you might want to say.

So, what is allows you to host retro and modern high score competitions with any rules you want. Our goal with creating this site is to provide a place where people from all skill levels of competition can come and find a fitting setup for their battles with their friends. If that means that you like to battle with a set group of 5 people, then by all means, go ahead and do that! If you prefer to compete on a global scale, we have lots of that as well, and everything in-between!

The name of the game here is customizability. Our site will allow you to create battles on your terms, and also give players the ability to search and find battles that suit their level of play.

Getting started

  1. Firstly, you will need to create an account. Our system uses an easy Google Sign-in to simplify your login process. If you're concerned about your privacy, you can read about what information we use here.
  2. From here you have a choice. You can create a new battle and tell your friends to join in, or you can compete in battles that are already taking place.
  3. Once you and your friends have completed some high scores, go ahead and submit them to the submit portion of the battle's page. The site will automatically update the battle page, and your score will appear right away. Please make sure you don't "hold back" your scores until the end of the battle, as it will make things look like nobody is playing! The more often the page is updated, the better the competition and the fun becomes!
  4. Some battles are part of a larger bracket or seasonal tournament. Don't forget to watch your progress as you destroy your friends!
  5. Don't forget to swing by our community forums to discuss your game and egg on your pals!


What's with the all the space theme crap?

I don't know... I wanted to have some sort of theme for the site, and this seemed like a nerdy & cool thing to do. Truth be told, I had a design that I built back in 2015 that I never got to use for a full project, and I re-worked it for use here. I'm happy to finally get to bring it to light! - raskulous


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